All Residents Can Benefit from Greater Socialization

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No matter where your facility’s residents are in their life journey, giving them opportunities for meaningful interaction with others can only improve their well-being. Program managers need to do their utmost to encourage social interaction among their participants wherever possible. Socialization “Socialization is the first line of defense against isolation, loneliness and cognitive decline,” Michelle Weinstein, therapeutic recreation supervisor at senior living and health care company Goodwin Living, recently said in an i Advance Senior Care article. In elder care settings, the impact of Socialization such that it stimulates conversations among residents can lead to improved cognition. Combating isolation also can reduce the risk of depression and its painful physical and emotional consequences. All Age Groups Benefit But the benefits of increased socialization aren’t limited to the older population, by any means. They also can prove essential to younger individuals seeking to set out on a productive path in life. We at Furniture Concepts are proud of our working relationship with HomeSafe, a Florida group home provider that serves foster care youths who have experienced challenging circumstances. HomeSafe has incorporated the principles of Trauma-informed Design into its group home settings, and we have supported its mission by providing comfortable and durable furnishings that help promote client interaction. Regular Assessments Along the Way Weinstein explained in the i Advance Senior Care article that facilities should consistently take inventory of their programming to make sure it is promoting interaction and is appealing to residents’ diverse interests. Program leaders should regularly monitor resident engagement in activities and make adjustments to programming where necessary, she said. “Ask your residents what they enjoy doing and what programs they may like to see,” she said. Encourage Interaction We are committed to providing facilities of all types with furniture that offers comfort and safety, encouraging your clients to interact with one another in a healthy and stimulating environment. Discuss with us the many ways you can create a socially active environment of care.ent

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