Bed Bug Solutions

Bed Bug Solutions
Detecting Bed Bugs Early On Can Make All The Difference.

The news headlines have said it all – bed bugs that were once thought eradicated are experiencing a resurgence throughout the world. The fact is that bedbugs are indiscriminate and will infest any area occupied by humans from the poshest palace to the most humble housing.  Dealing with an infestation is hard.  There’s no way to sugar-coat it.  But, monitoring for bed bugs is easy and inexpensive and detecting bed bugs early on can make all the difference.

Utilizing Bed Bug Monitoring Devices

Bed bug monitoring includes devices that will expose a bed bug population while it is still small: 

  • The most basic bed bug solution is a mattress encasement. Bed bugs feed on humans and there is no place humans are more prone than in their place of sleep. Mattress encasements are different from department or furniture store mattress covers in that they are lab tested to prevent bed bugs from nesting in seams and zippers. Additionally, the material is constructed of a stretch knit woven with micro-stitches that prevent bed bugs from traveling through the material and nesting in the mattress itself. These white, smooth encasements allow for quick and easy visual inspections of sleep surfaces enabling staff and consumers to see the beginning stages of bed bug populations.
  • Another inexpensive and useful tool is an INTERCEPTOR. Interceptors are specially designed white plastic discs that are placed under furniture legs. The interceptors’ specially designed interior well attracts bed bugs en route from nest to feeding. Bed bugs are trapped in the interior well because the surface prevents them from crawling back out.  Trapped bed bugs indicate the size of the overall nesting population.

Developing a Bed Bug Management Plan

  • If your facility detects bed bugs with monitoring devices it is always necessary to consult with health and pest control experts to develop a BED BUG MANAGEMENT PLAN. Be leery of radical plans that include harsh chemicals or disposing of existing furniture and fixtures. Educate yourself and your staff on how to monitor for and manage bed bug sightings. Eradicating bed bugs from a facility will take time.
  • Many well-tested, non-chemical solutions exist. Heat, cold and diatomaceous earth are elimination solutions that have been proven in both laboratory and real world environments.
Dealing with bed bugs is undoubtedly stressful but early detection can help minimize the bug populations and their effects.


Early detection through monitoring devices and the implementation of a comprehensive bed bug management plan are essential for effectively addressing bed bug infestations. By implementing effective Bed Bug Solutions such as monitoring devices and non-chemical treatments, facilities can minimize infestations and maintain a safe environment for occupants.

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