Big and Tall Healthcare Furniture Improves the Patient-Centric Experience


Whether your customers are senior care residents or behavioral healthcare clients, the concept of patient-centric facility design has become paramount. Essentially, it means everything you do adopts its primary focus from the customer’s perspective.

It’s all about them

One often overlooked aspect when designing for the customer experience is the relative comfort of your furnishings. Chairs and seating groups must be appropriate for all your patient populations—not just the average ones. Furniture size is a frequent pain point among those who don’t fit the average body type, but few facility operators talk openly about it.

Sometimes average furniture is just too small, resulting in discomfort for many of your big and tall clients. It’s time to improve that experience.

High rate of obesity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an astonishing 71% of U.S. adults are considered overweight or obese, as defined by body mass index (BMI). For example, an adult who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds would be considered overweight with a BMI of 25. At 186 pounds, the adult would have a BMI of 30 and would be considered obese.

For healthcare, senior care and group home operators, the high obesity rate in adults has reached a critical state. The need for appropriate furniture options has increased and must be addressed through intelligent design.

Appropriate furniture that makes everyone comfortable is a must-have for any center that aims to provide a positive patient experience.

Great choices for big and tall

Our Avon Bariatric Guest Chair offers a wider seat measuring 34 inches and features a 750 pound capacity. Its contoured backrest provides added comfort, while the steel construction ensures extra-tough durability. Also from our collection, the Fremont Bariatric Guest Chair is our softest big and tall seating that complements the look of any room. Both feature dozens of design options as well as fluid- and stain-resistance.

One of the toughest chairs you’ll ever find is our one-piece Radial Rocker. It’s durable enough for a 1,500 pound static load. Rotationally molded with a lower center of gravity, the rocker can sway smoothly without tipping and features a 30 inch width. It’s a perfect fit for behavioral health centers that treat individuals on the autism spectrum.

Integrating our big and tall seating collections into your environment will make everyone feel welcome. With its many choices, our comfortable, stylish furniture can easily support your goal of creating a patient-centric experience.

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