Buy Contract Furniture Vs. Retail: Reasons Group Homes Should!

Buy Contract Furniture Vs. Retail: Reasons Group Homes Should!
  • Select a Contract Furniture Seller.  While buying from your local furniture retailer can be tempting, few retailers are prepared to consider the needs of facilities whose furniture will receive high use, suffer many spills, and may even be subject to body fluid issues. 
  • Contract Furniture Sellers, on the other hand, have experience with a variety of facility types and can recommend appropriate solutions for your facility.  Specialized furniture and fabrics are often priced comparably to standard pieces and offer specific solutions for your staffs’, clients’, and customers’ needs.  The results will be more functional and lasting furnishings that you will be proud to have chosen.

Know Your Budget

Imagine selecting the perfect furnishings for your facility only to have your purchase request denied because the cost exceeds the furniture budget.  If you know your budget in advance, you can shop with confidence and pick the right furniture for your needs and budget.  If you have selected a reputable Contract Furniture Seller to work with, you should feel confident sharing your budget requirements in advance.  Doing so will help your Design Consultant guide you to the best furniture solutions given your needs while staying within your budget.

  • Get Educated.   You may learn that furniture designed specifically for healthcare, education, hospitality, and recreation environments comes with some industry-specific terminology.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  The world-wide web is loaded with information on fabrics, foam, frame construction, and everything else you may need to know about your purchase.  It may be worthwhile to consult with trained buyers or facility managers at other local facilities.  A conversation with your local Fire Marshal may also be advisable as many facilities are expected to comply with local furniture and mattress flammability requirements. 

Most importantly, a quality Contract Furniture Seller should have an expert staff who can answer all of your questions.

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