Buy Durable Furniture: What else do I need to know?


Buying Durable Furniture Tips:

Space Requirements Your furniture will organize the space within each room by defining usage and traffic flow.  Arrange your space in such a way that communication between clients and staff is encouraged while privacy is respected among the people who will ultimately occupy the space.  The following space requirements will give you an idea of how much room is needed for smooth traffic flow and efficient functioning.

Furniture ever feel like it’s too big for it’s space?  Feel Trapped?  Remember these tips:

  • Traffic path within rooms 1½ -2’
  • Wheelchair path (open as well as straight) 3’
  • Space between lounge piece and coffee table 1-1½’
  • Space for chair at desk or piano 3’
  • Room at table for each adult 24-30”
  • Room to get into dining chair 2½-3’
  • Space for bed-making 1½ -2’
  • Space in front of closet for door swing 3’
  • Space in front of chest of drawers 3-4’
  • Space for dressing 3-4’
  • Space for getting in and out of bed 2½’
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Furniture Construction Methods

  • Our global marketplace provides an unlimited selection of furniture items – from the most durable to the most poorly constructed items.  Price is rarely an indication of longevity.  There are a number of issues to keep in mind if you want the items that you’ve selected to last as long as possible:
  • Solid wood is best when it comes to chairs, dining tables, bedroom pieces and those occasional pieces used in the living room. 
  • Whenever possible, request a laminate top on the horizontal surface of each piece as this will help to prevent damage to the top.
  • It is important to ensure that dining chairs with joints that are both glued and either pinned or screwed for extra reinforcement. 
  • Catalytic varnish is durable and provides protection from bed bugs
  • Oiled finishes are less expensive but the natural grooves of the wood remain exposed making ideal hiding spots for bed bugs.

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