Comfort Has Value in Healthcare Residences

Farrington Sofa chair

The dictionary defines comfort as “a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.” But comfort is much more than that. There’s a psychological element to comfort that helps an individual feel taken care of Residences, nurtured and supported.

With the busy (and sometimes totally exhausting) routines typical in America, we’ve noticed an increased focus on comfort. It’s a practical counterbalance to the stress and strain of modern life.
Some signs of this trend are subtle, such as the rise in the number of emotional support animals in senior care, behavioral health and youth treatment centers. Others are more everyday, such as casual dress codes in the corporate work environment.

No matter how you look at it, comfort has value. This is especially true for directors of residential settings who want to stand out in a competitive market.

Furniture designed for comfort
Consider how much time a resident at your center may spend sitting in the same place, whether it’s to rest, receive visitors or participate in an activity. That chair, sofa or loveseat needs to be comfortable while maintaining support and softness for hours at a time.

Our extensive collection of Durable Upholstered Seating is made with precision craftmanship, including reinforced springs and high-resilience Ultracel foam to provide the most relaxing seating options. This type of foam features cells that are closer together than other types of upholstery materials, so the surface is able to cushion, support and bounce back after use.

Nestle into the Farrington Chair, Loveseat or Sofa, for example, and feel how well each of these matching pieces is able to distribute weight to offer comfort over a long period of time, even in high-use environments. The cushions won’t flatten out or lose their shape.

Forlimited-mobility residents who want the added assurance that they can also move into seated or standing positions, consider the Miriam Chair. With its arms, it allows residents to grip the chair for leverage when lowering into the seat or when rising to stand. Meanwhile, the seat surface and the framed back provide cushioned support.

At Furniture Conceptscomfort also means customization. It’s what we do best! Enhance the richness of all your seating choices with additional springs in the frame and an extra-thick foam layer in the crown. With the added features, the initial feel is soft, and the support remains true in our chairs, loveseats and sofas. And don’t forget, we have thousands of solid and patterned fabric choices to fit your center’s style.

Residents and potential clients are seeking opportunities to increase comfort in their lives. And comfort often means creating a nurturing space that makes them feel physically and psychologically at ease in their everyday routines. With high-quality, durable contract furniture, you can design for comfort that lasts.

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