Community Tables Now Lead the Dining Design Trend

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When looking at interior design trends for residential campuses, directors tend to focus on the first impression made by the entryways, followed by the details of the sleeping spaces. It’s unfortunate that the dining room is often a secondary consideration.

All that is changing, however. And not a moment too soon.

Today, more residential site leaders are reconsidering the design aspects of their eating areas in the context of the overall aesthetic vision. Savvy marketers know that residents—and prospective residents—want every space to feel welcoming and contemporary. That includes the dining room.
For inspiration, local restaurants and farm-to-table venues can serve as your source for some of the best new design trends.
Gather around the community table

We can’t help but notice that more culinary experiences now include large community tables. A community table encourages groups to cross over and make chance social connections in a way that separate tables would not allow.

Party of two? Not anymore. Some restaurants have introduced edge-to-edge, seat-yourself dining halls that offer authentic interactions of their customer’s choosing. Go ahead and sit next to someone new. Strike up a conversation. It’s fun.

The community table trend can easily apply to your campsite, health center or senior care residence.
Create amazing community table experiences with the wide selection of pieces in our Dining Collections. We offer wood, metal, plastic and laminate materials, plus a number of base options to match—including ADA-compliant configurations that accommodate wheelchairs.

For example, our 96-inch wood Straight Leg Dining Room Table allows for a big gathering of residents, thanks to its large surface area. The legs are reinforced with metal ferrules so this great community table stands up to heavy use. Also, our super-rugged Zeus Large Rectangular Table with a laminate top comes in multiple sizes and finishes and has a 10 year warranty.

Space saving bonus

What’s great about the community table concept is not just the social aspect but also the terrific bonus of saving space in your dining room. When you bring the tables together, more residents can sit in a smaller area than if you spread the tables apart.

Not sure how to optimize your space for community tables? We can definitely help by developing a customized strategy with your residents in mind. It’s what we do best.

From casual to modern, your dining room can reflect the evolution of human connections and culinary experiences. We’re really enjoying the trend of big, friendly community tables, and your residents will too.

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