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This year promises exciting innovations in contract furniture trend designs & function.  

  • Enhanced bariatric seating and sleeping options that are both high function and high style.
  • Increased selection of fluid-proof mattress covering options that are softer, more comfortable and more durable than traditional vinyls or nylons AND are at a lower cost!
  • Bunk beds designed for years of heavy use at the lowest cost in over a decade.
  • Case piece and bedroom furniture specially designed to maximize client and staff safety through a door-free and drawer-free design that allows easy inspection for contraband items.
  • Greater selection of seating pieces designed especially for incontinent & limited mobility environments.
  • Improved design of contract furniture for behavioral health care featuring fewer legs and reduced flat surfaces to prevent suicide risks by hanging.
  • More customizable designs for student housing and group living environments that provide maximum utility for small spaces.
  • More metal bed and case good options to meet the growing demand for metal furniture that mimics residential furniture styles.

Function, form & Finances!

  1. Make $500 look like $1000.
  2. Make furniture attractive & comforting to consumers to guests.
  3. Make furniture last for years & years in heavy-use enviornments.

The year ahead promises a wave of exciting innovations in contract furniture design and functionality, offering solutions that enhance both aesthetics and utility across various industries.

  1. Bariatric Seating and Sleeping: Expect to see bariatric options that blend high function and high style. These solutions cater to the specific needs of users while maintaining an appealing design.
  2. Fluid-Proof Mattress Coverings: Innovations in mattress coverings bring softer, more comfortable, and highly durable options. These materials surpass traditional vinyl or nylon coverings and come at a more budget-friendly cost.
  3. Bunk Beds for Heavy Use: Bunk beds designed for years of heavy use are now more affordable than ever, making them an attractive option for various institutions.
  4. Safety-Enhanced Case Piece and Bedroom Furniture: Furniture with door-free and drawer-free designs ensures easy inspection for contraband items, prioritizing client and staff safety.
  5. Incontinent & Limited Mobility Environments: A wider selection of seating pieces designed for incontinent and limited mobility environments provides comfort and convenience while addressing specific needs.
  6. Behavioral Health Care Furniture: Improved designs for behavioral health care prioritize safety by featuring fewer legs and reduced flat surfaces, minimizing suicide risks.
  7. Customizable Student Housing and Group Living: Customizable designs for student housing and group living environments offer efficient use of small spaces, providing maximum utility without compromising style.
  8. Metal Bed and Case Goods: Meeting the rising demand for metal furniture with residential-style aesthetics, expect to find more options that combine durability and design sophistication.

As the contract furniture industry continues to evolve, these innovations promise to reshape the way we approach design and functionality across a range of settings, from healthcare facilities to student housing and beyond. Stay tuned for these exciting trends that will revolutionize contract furniture in the coming year.

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