Controlling Bedbugs for Group Living Environments

Controlling Bedbugs for Group Living Environments

A Clear BEDBUG Action Plan is Critical. Pest control experts warn that the bedbug population will explode during the upcoming summer months – warm weather, summer travel and well-populated urban areas are all factors guaranteed to make bedbug populations spread and grow.  Having a practical and proactive plan will reduce the anxiety and fear related to spotting first signs of bedbug. 

Prevention and Detection Strategies

Here are some simple steps designed to prevent, monitor and manage bedbugs:

  • Encase all mattresses and box springs with certified bedbug proof encasements.  Encasements not only trap live bedbugs where they are most likely to live and feed but have the added benefit of being an excellent detection device.  The smooth white surface and micro stitched fabric easily shows signs of bugs and their tell-tale fecal markings.  Take note that not all encasements are created equally.  Only bug proof and bite proof encasements have been lab tested to permanently trap and prevent bedbugs.
  •  Bedbug interceptors are inexpensive reservoir devices that fit under bed and furniture legs.  Interceptors work by trapping bugs en route to feed.  An empty interceptor reservoir can reassure clients and staff that none of the pests are travelling to feed. 
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Natural Bedbug Control: The Efficacy of Diatomaceous Earth

  • Let Mother Nature lend a helping hand with bug control by using Diatomaceous earth.  Since bedbugs live and breed in tight spaces including bed frames, floor boards, light switches, decorative wall hangings – really any cracks or crevices – it is essential to have a non-toxic product that can easily get in to hard to reach spaces.  Diatomaceous earth works by slicing bug exoskeletons and is effective for both preventing and killing bedbugs.  Diatomaceous earth’s razor sharp edges kill bugs but feel like powder to humans.  The dust will kill hiding bedbugs and make areas inhospitable for any future bedbug arrivals while being completely safe to humans and animals.

Knowledge is Key

Never underestimate the power of knowledge.  It is critical to educate yourself and your staff on how to detect and prevent bug.  Finding bugs can create an incredible amount of stress and fatigue. Sitting down to create a plan in advance will give peace of mind to all involved. Proactive measures can also reduce the overall costs of eliminating bedbugs because the infestation is detected at its earliest stages.


A clear and comprehensive Bug action plan is essential for group living environments to combat infestations effectively. By adopting preventive measures, utilizing natural solutions like diatomaceous earth, and prioritizing staff education, facilities can ensure peace of mind for residents and staff alike amidst the threat of outbreaks bugs.

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