Furniture Designed for Sober Living Facilities

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Furniture is an important part of every Sober Living facility. While your average commercial facility can pick out furniture based solely on looks, healthcare professionals have to consider how their patients and staff will interact with every piece of furniture and choose seating, beds, and storage designed for constant use while providing a feeling of home. These solutions allow people in transition to feel safe and comfortable in your facility.

When trying to combine style, functionality and cost, what are your real options?

  1. Try fully upholstered seating pieces with contemporary styling. Fully upholstered seating is a winner for providing comfort and ensuring that facilities provide a home-like therapeutic environment. Patients and clients can relax while fully engage in therapy and activities when comfortably positioned with their feet up.
  2. 1000’s of fabrics for heavy use are made to exacting standards to ensure stability under constant use, resist staining, deter breakage, prevent fluid seepage, defend against bacteria and microbe growth, and so much more!
  3. Bedroom groups designed for heavy-use environments offer durability but can also create a feeling of home. Choose from traditional, contemporary, or costal designs in a variety of colors and finishes to compliment any décor. The Right Furniture plays a vital role for Sober Living facilities.

The right furniture and the right fabric can help your facility look like a place where people can heal. Contract furniture is built to last while creating a healthy environment for patients. Products are also designed for durability to create a lasting investment. Contact Furniture Concepts today to talk to a furniture expert about investing in the right furniture for your patients.

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