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The U.S. population is growing, and our overall age profile tends to be older now than in years past. Remember when a 100th birthday celebration used to qualify for a segment on the local TV news? Today, there are so many centenarians, your evening broadcast could easily be nothing but birthdays.  

As America ages, more older men and women will come to rely on specialized residences that meet their needs. Senior apartments, assisted living and nursing home properties are a booming business.

Designing For Seniors

When designing properties for those 65 and older, consider the importance of furniture in terms of function and aesthetics. 

For example, a deep upholstered chair might seem like a cozy place to relax, but for seniors, it can be too challenging to support their body weight to sit or rise properly from the seat. A better choice would be a higher, straighter seating piece that calls for less physical weight transfer.

Our Richmond Arm Chair offers a solid wood frame construction that includes wide arm rests perfect for leveraging the body up or forward from the seat. Optional wheels and casters allow the chair to move easily for staff assistance to aid in sitting or standing. With more than 25 beautiful finishes and hundreds of fabrics—including fluid-resistant choices—this piece will easily complement any senior care center’s design.

In our metal frame collection, the elegant Salon Arm Chair also offers a variety of finishes and fabric choices. These extra sturdy chairs can be nested in a snap for maximum space optimization.

Senior Needs

Most of us begin to lose muscle mass in our bodies after age 30, with a higher rate of loss for those in their 70s and 80s. This loss of muscle—known as sarcopenia—matters because it lessens strength and mobility while increasing risk for falls and fractures.

We often recommend arm chairs for senior living centers. Why? Certainly because the style is reminiscent of stately homes and high-end environments, but mostly because the arm rests provide the leverage seniors need to sit or stand with less physical effort. It helps them be more independent and satisfied with their surroundings.

By designing a beautiful, functional space that meets the needs of residents in their 70s, 80s, or even the growing group of centenarians, you can improve their quality of life. Healthy aging has become the new standard in American society

The Census Bureau information can be found here: The Nation’s Older Population Is Still Growing, Census Bureau Reports

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