Furniture For Adolescent Treatment Centers Can Aid in Their Success.

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Teenagers participating in residential treatment programs for addiction face a recovery process complicated by what is often a first experience living away from home. Empowering adolescents on their path to recovery, our treatment centers provide a supportive environment for growth and healing.

While the separation from the familiar can be a necessity, residential treatment facilities often carefully plan their facilities to feel more like home and less like a clinical environment.

If a facility feels like home instead of a hospital teen patients will be more likely to engage in their recovery. A sterile environment tends to evoke a less calming and nurturing feel.

In a recent Addiction Professional Magazine article (October 10, 2011) Associate Editor Nick Zubko interviewed Amy Hickey from Rushford Center, a 16 bed residential treatment center in Durham, NC. Hickey stated that the recent overhaul of their campus focused on making the facility feel like a place where their teen patients could feel at home. Being at a place where teens can see themselves staying can really aid in the overall recovery process.

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Of course, in a teen treatment center the look of home needs to also be able to handle heavy use and abuse. Balancing good looks with high durability can be tricky. Hickey states that they found the type of furniture they were looking for from Furniture Concepts. The heavy wood furniture is a crate style but has soft lines and styling that feels very homelike, see the blog: “Crate Style Furniture Has Taken a Major Fashion Step Forward!“. According to Hickey, they “wanted to create an environment where the clients, adolescent males, would feel at home, that this was a place they could see themselves staying.”

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