Furniture for Behavioral Healthcare

behavioral healthcare furniture

Well Designed Behavioral Healthcare Facilities Benefit Both the Patients and Staff.

In behavioral healthcare environments, the safety and comfort of staff and consumers is always top priority.Get the Complete TOUGH STUFF! Catalog
Elements from building design and hardware to furniture and fixtures impact traffic flow, comfort, and the overall functionality of the space.

  • A recent feature in Behavioral Healthcare recognized outstanding design in treatment and recovery centers. What united these award-winning spaces is that they offer patients and staff spacious facilities that simultaneously offer both privacy and community. 
  • Functional spaces flow well from one to the next but spaces are separated by floor treatments and furniture to make them feel cozy and intimate even when the overall space is big.  Spaces for dining, group therapy, family visits and game areas are barrier free but still clearly a separate space.
  • Patients have reduced anxiety and appear to be more open to therapy in facilities that welcomed natural light and used colors that were warm and neutral with pops of color to energize the space. 
  • The most favored furniture designs are those that are residential in style and mimic what a patient might find in their homes. Versatile pieces like upholstered chairs and laminate top tables can be used for a variety of therapies and activities. Durable fabrics and vinyls ensure that furniture will last over time.

Furniture Concepts, an industry leader in providing furniture for behavioral healthcare can be counted on to provide the type of furniture that will help you to create the same type of furniture design that defines best in class treatment designs. 

  • With the right advice, even the most overwhelming furniture project can be organized to create the perfect therapeutic environment.  And, at the right price!

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