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Heavy Duty Wood Bedroom Furniture Tough Stuff

Replacing furniture is expensive. When you run a health care organization that orders group living furniture in bulk, replacing furniture can be even more unpleasant. Your furniture is an investment, so you want to make sure you get the right heavy duty furniture that will look great and stay strong through years of use.

Quality Health Care Furniture that Doesn’t Break Under Pressure. Tough health care furniture is a cost-effective solution for residential treatment centers, shelters, and other health care organizations. This furniture can withstand plenty of punishment while still looking great, making it a great choice for group living environments.

Not all environments have the same needs, however. If you operate a health care facility that requires furniture designed for extreme environments, one-piece molded plastic furniture can make for a great investment due to its durability. Molded furniture even has bolt-down options if security is a concern.
You don’t want to have to worry every time someone relaxes in a recliner or plops themselves down on a bed. Heavy duty furniture from Furniture Concepts holds up to heavy use for years, leaving you with furniture that you can rely on for any health care organization.

Furniture with Fluid Resistance. Heavy Duty Furniture doesn’t only withstand hard use. Many of our available contract furniture, including our heavy duty recliners, can be upholstered with fluid-proof and fluid-resistant fabrics to help protect your investment.

The right fabric can make all the difference for your furniture. Stains can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a piece of furniture, and certain spills can lead to nasty growth that can stink up a room. Anti-microbial, fluid-resistant fabrics keep your furniture fresh and save you money in the long run.

Buying furniture in bulk is a commitment. Make sure that the furniture you order for your health care facility can live up to your expectations. Create your own Furniture Concepts Wish List today and get a price on heavy duty furniture for your organization.

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