How do I Buy Affordable, Quality Furniture for My Facility?

What do I Need to Know Before Buying Quality Furniture for My Facility?

Part Two: Clean-ability

  • Clean-ability. – Upholstered furniture tends to play center stage of a facilities’ common area and visible stains can be a real distraction for staff, customers and clients.  While upholstery technology and design does not get a whole lot of attention, there are in fact many new advances for upholstery protection. 
  • Why buy Crypton©?  Crypton is a remarkable fabric technology that adds a fluid and dirt barrier.  Because Crypton© is applied in a submersion technique, the barrier is applied to the top and bottom of the material as well as within the fiber weave itself.  Unlike other stain barriers the Crypton© barrier is permanent when properly care for.  Crypton©  is also effective as a bacterial / microbial barrier making it ideal for health care or any environment where sanitation is a concern.  Typical clean-up requires only a dilute solution of laundry detergent and water.   It also looks like any other fabric, so it allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Part Three: Fluid-Resistance

  • Fluid-Resistance – Did you know that furniture design itself can also help with fluid clean-ups?   Contract furniture distributors offer pop-out and clean-out seats that encourage fluid to drain through to the floor avoiding pooling.  A mop and bucket take care of the majority of the clean-up – the upholstery remains relatively fluid-free and only a minor fabric clean-up may be required.  The foam inside the cushion is typically not affected from most fluid spills so both the upholstery and core are protected.

This is the second blog in a series that offers further advice on How to Buy Affordable, Durable Furniture! 

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