Human Hustle Needs Contract Furniture Muscle

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Each year, millions of people live, learn and play in group settings such as campsites, residential centers, assisted living or community housing.

  • There are 14,000 day and overnight camps in the United States, serving 14 million children and adults, according to the American Camp Association.
  • There are 23,700 mental health and addiction treatment centers, according to recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates.
  • There are 15,600 nursing homes and 30,200 assisted living communities, serving an ever-growing population of seniors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It all adds up to a lot of people and a lot of activity—day and night. And that means every table, chair, bed and couch on campus endures seriously heavy use!

From reception and common areas to resident bedrooms, your furniture pieces must have the power to withstand the challenges of 24/7 pure human hustle.

Furniture With Real Muscle
Choosing super-tough contract furniture is the best strategy to ensure you’ve made a long-lasting investment. Retail pieces—which are designed for use by just a few people each day—simply won’t hold up to throngs of excited campers or daily client interactions. Contract furniture is proven to perform better.

Don’t waste time and money on frequent removal of broken-down, threadbare retail pieces. Stop stressing about getting an approval on yet another purchase order. Instead, choose the kind of furniture that looks great even after taking an intense beating or a hearty cleaning.

At Furniture Concepts, our contract furniture collections offer easy-to-clean fabrics that resist liquids, beautiful solid wood with structural warranties, and molded plastic that promises safety and strength. Every product is made to your specifications.
Fretting about campers kicking their hiking boots against the dining furniture? Concerned about canes and walkers clattering against the dressers? We get it. That’s why we make our furniture extra tough, designed specifically for your typical day of heavy use.

Unlike the hurried retailers, we offer specialized services that meet the unique needs of group settings. Our experienced team members deliver space planning help, creative design boards, custom quotes and total logistic plans. With our personal support, you’ll see why contract furniture provides incredible performance year after year.

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