New Furniture Buying Program Saves Time

New Furniture Buying Program Saves Time

Everyone is doing more with less these days. That’s why efficient processes are one of the most sought-after competencies when it comes to business partnerships. Here at Furniture Concepts, we’ve listened to our customers and heard your wishes for more quick-and-easy buying experiences.  That’s why we’re launching the new Furniture Concepts Buying Program. This streamlined approach offers you control of your budget and the purchasing process across your entire enterprise. By setting up a companywide (or brand-specific) portfolio of furniture selections, you’ll reduce the time it takes to complete purchases for individual sites.

 How It Works:

  1. You choose a portfolio of furniture selections that aligns with your budget and your overall enterprise strategy. We can help!
  2. When the time comes to buy or replace furniture for a particular location, the site director or corporate manager chooses exclusively from your preferred furniture portfolio.
  3. Furniture Concepts does the rest!

What to Include in Your Portfolio:

Site directors can make individualized selections, but every piece comes from your consistent Furniture Concepts portfolio. Best of all, as your needs change, you can totally switch up your portfolio  choices whenever you like!

What should you include in your portfolio? How about heavy-duty sofas, loveseats, chairs, rockers, recliners, tables, dressers, desks, beds, bunks, outdoor and storage pieces with the industry’s best warranties. We can help you build a mix n’ match collection of pieces that are perfect for high-use spaces and residential centers—including those with safety, contraband and incontinence concerns. 

Our goal is to help you keep your budget on track, maintain consistent design aesthetics and save time with the Furniture Concepts Buying Program. There’s no need to purchase (and repurchase!) “disposable” retail furniture that doesn’t last. Contract furniture holds up to the rigors of high-use with a much longer lifecycle and tons of custom styles.

Ideal for Various Environments

The Furniture Concepts Buying Program is perfect for senior care, behavioral health, campgrounds, autism services and any other organization that provides a group-living environment. We can help you make the most of your furniture dollar. Check out our library of catalogs and buyers’ guides to get a few ideas.

Ready to get started? Reach out to Allison Schaffer for more information.

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