Proving the Wood Crate Furniture Skeptics Wrong

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When it comes to selecting furniture for group living, treatment centers, or hospitality nothing comes close to the durability of classic wood-framed furniture or what is sometimes called “wood crate style” furniture.

 At its 1980’s inception, classic wood-framed sofas, loveseats, lounge chairs and bedroom pieces were designed from actual heavy-duty shipping containers. But today’s versions are manufactured with purpose and craftsmanship.

     Responsibly harvested pine and oak are manufactured into the contract furniture industry’s most economic and longest-lasting furniture options. Updated styling, clean lines, and a variety of wood finishes create a modern-day look that fits almost any décor.

For those who think “hey I love the durability but I also want style,” you may be surprised at the fashion-forward options available.

  • Any available upholstery fabric from a modest solid to an outrageous print can be used to create seating cushions. The end result is a total wow effect that will satisfy both staff and consumers. Since the cushions are easily replaceable, keeping a fresh look is convenient and inexpensive.
  • Besides being inherently hard-wearing and tough due to solid wood construction, the catalyzed lacquer finish creates a smooth, durable, water-resistant surface that repels spills and inhibits pest nesting.
  • Optional fluid-proof or fluid-resistant cushion upholstery fabrics work with the benefits of the durable wood frame to create a common-sense solution for fluid-issues, frequent spills or even occasional incontinence.
Taking on the task of being durable enough for heavy 24-7 use, exposed wood crate style furniture is the new classic that offers comfort without an indulgent price tag.

  Guaranteed to have limitless options for style and design, these seating and bedroom furnishings are the best solution for frequent replacements and easily damaged upholstered goods and case pieces.   When it is time to add or replace furniture for your facility, always use an experienced contract supplier who has the right experience in your industry.

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