SAFE, AFFORDABLE BED BUG Solutions: Thermal Luggage Treatment

SAFE, AFFORDABLE BED BUG Solutions: Thermal Luggage Treatment

In the battle of bed bugs there is a new tool in the arsenal – the Packsafe thermal luggage treatment

Instead of waiting to react to the sighting of a bed bug, Proactively preventing bed bugs and other pests from being introduced into a facility is now easy and affordable.

Packsafe is the ideal tool for any facility dealing with new or
transient clients and guests.

The Packsafe works by simply heating luggage, backpacks, purses, clothes, shoes and other possessions to a bed bug killing temperature.

Because the heating process is slow and controlled, personal belongings are not harmed!

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Treats most standard suitcases
  • Kills all bedbug life stages (Heat range 120 – 150°F)

The Packsafe unit itself is compact and collapsible so it can be conveniently stored

Available in multiple sizes, the Packsafe thermal luggage treatment device is the most effective method of preventing bed bugs from being unknowingly introduced into your facility.

Bed bug prevention offers peace of mind to staff and clients and is a perfect tool for both those who have dealt with bed bugs as well as those who have never seen a bed bug and want to keep it that way!

PackSafe is a SAFE, NON-CHEMICAL way to treat personal items for bedbugs. Using a patent pending technology, PackSafe gently and thoroughly heats luggage and its contents to a temperature that is proven to kill all stages of bedbugs.


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