Selection is a Must Have for Furniture Buyers

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Every trend has a counterbalance for buyers. For example, online shopping, with its voluminous capacity for search results, has given rise to consumer demand for unique items. Instead of the same-old, off-the-shelf product choices, everyone from the college athlete to the urban mom is looking for something special.

In fact, customization has become the latest trend, even for traditional mass-producing brands like Nike. By offering the experience of selecting personal details for a core product, companies are earning more customer satisfaction.

At Furniture Concepts, we’ve offered the advantages of customization for more than 25 years. It’s not new to us! As a family business spanning several generations, we know that every setting is unique and your furniture should be too. 

Our wide range of contract furniture pieces begin with thousands of options that can be combined to create one-of-a-kind looks. And we make it easy with our Resource Guides and our dedicated team of experienced professionals who know that great design is your best differentiator.

Why selection is important

When it comes to furniture, making your selection includes two factors: function and style. There is no either/or trade-off when it comes to heavy-use spaces. You need both!

Function means the furniture pieces are appropriate for their intended use by residents. Trying to configure a dining area to allow clearance for wheelchairs? Concerned about contraband in bedrooms? We’ve got you covered.  

Remember that function also includes the benefit of a longer replacement cycle. Our TOUGH STUFF! Collections offer durability that stands the test of time, with everything in the collection proven to last longer than ordinary retail furniture. 

Now let’s talk about style.

Style speaks to the mood and atmosphere of your setting. Consider the ways you might describe your space: dignified, natural, fun, bright, cozy, calm, energetic, collaborative, or any other word that comes to mind. With our hundreds of upholstery and surface choices, you will easily find a furniture style to match your vision. 

When you’re ready to put the pieces all together in a defined space, we have the tools to help. Just click the “BUILD YOUR ROOM” tab on any of our online product pages and see all the complementary items that turn a room into an environment. 

Still need inspiration? Check out our big gallery of installation photos that show our contract furniture collections in a variety of settings.

For campsites, group residences and treatment centers, selection is not a trend. It’s a must-have for today’s interior designers and executive directors who want to demonstrate their responsiveness in the market.

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