The Right Furniture Can Make Behavioral Health Facilities Safer.

The Right Furniture Can Make Behavioral Health Facilities Safer.

Creating a safe and supportive environment is paramount in behavioral health facilities. From managing challenging behaviors to promoting healing and recovery, every aspect of the facility’s design plays a crucial role. In this article, we explore how the right furniture solutions can contribute to enhancing safety and comfort in Behavioral Health Facilities.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Behavioral Health Facilities

Behavioral healthcare furniture needs to support your efforts to help your consumers heal, while keeping everyone safe. Understanding the specific needs of the patient population, staff and visitors is crucial to behavioral healthcare facility design due to unique needs like managing self-harm risk, preventing assemblies that can be used as weapons, eliminating sharp edges, minimizing contraband, and optimizing independence. A wide array of furniture solutions allow patients and staff to feel safe and comfortable during therapeutic stays including: One piece molded plastic furniture that has no removable parts.

  1. Ligature-resistant furniture designed to minimize self-harm risk.
  2. Easy to clean fabrics and finishes for maximum safety and comfort.
  3. Bolt down/weighted options for behavioral outburst.
  4. Bedbug prevention tools.

Balancing Style, Functionality, and Cost

When trying to combine style, functionality and cost, what are your real options? Choose seating, beds, tables and other furniture solutions designed for heavy-use. Bland, sterile-looking healthcare facilities are a thing of the past. Aesthetics now encompass a broad range of healing elements including energetic color-schemes and nature-based hues that encourage comfort.

Ensuring Durability and Long-Term Investment

But beyond the basics of color is a new world of functionality. Furniture and fixtures for health care and healing environments must also prevent falls, encourage mobility, discreetly deal with incontinence and fluids, maintain sterile surfaces and support the latest patient-centered technologies. Fabrics and finishes designed for heavy use are made to exacting standards to ensure stability under constant use, resist staining, deter breakage, prevent fluid seepage, defend against bacteria and microbe growth, and so much more!


The Right Furniture plays a vital role for Behavioral Health facilities. The right furniture and the right fabric can help your facility look like a place where people can heal. Products are also designed for durability to create a lasting investment. Contact Furniture Concepts today to talk to a furniture expert about investing in the right furniture for your patients.

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