Use Design to Create a Healing Environment

Use Design to Create a Healing Environment

High quality, evidence-based clinical care proves to be the most essential element for good patient/resident outcomes. Yet no facility should ignore the importance of the physical environment in promoting healing. A growing body of research demonstrates that the design features you select will make a major difference in either facilitating or impeding your clients’ progress.

Evidence-Based Design: A Foundation for Healing

The use of evidence-based design in healing environments originated from 1980s research that found post-surgery patients who had a view of natural scenery recovered better than patients who faced a brick wall. Since then, other studies have shown that features such as peaceful artwork, access to natural light and limited background noise all play an important role in patient well-being.

Enhancing Staff Productivity

Consistency in design also can improve your staff’s productivity. Limiting the use of surfaces that are subject to frequent contamination reduces the threat of infection, no small consideration today. Improved lighting and acoustics have a calming effect on staff and can reduce the potential for costly errors.

The good news is improvements that make a difference do not have to carry a hefty price tag. Simple color choices, for example, can do wonders to promote healing. Blues, greens and neutral tones are known to create a calming effect. Any serene natural settings around your facility also should be incorporated into your design.

Furniture Concepts: Your Partner in Healing

Here at Furniture Concepts we offer space planning and design expertise that can maximize your facility’s capacity for promoting healing. Our furniture lines offer an ideal combination of form and function, with durable solid construction that conveys a home-like feel for patient rooms and group areas.

Aesthetically pleasing spaces that feature comfortable furnishings, soothing colors and natural light will enhance patient well-being and improve outcomes. We can assist you in humanizing your clinical environment, for the benefit of your patients, their families, and your workforce.


Designing healing environments goes beyond aesthetics; it is a fundamental aspect of patient-centered care. By incorporating evidence-based design principles and partnering with experts like Furniture Concepts, healthcare facilities can transform their spaces into nurturing havens promoting healing for patients, families, and staff.

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