Furniture for disabled adults and what to look for when buying

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There really isn’t a “one size fits all” option for Furniture for disabled. Finding the right furniture options for a facility depends on the people that will end up using those chairs, tables, and other furnishings. When it comes to ordering group living and health care furniture that encourages maximum independence, your furniture needs to combine both style and substance.

Stylish Furniture for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Limited Mobility

Appearances aren’t everything, but they can sure help relax people. Cold, clinical-looking furniture can have an adverse effect on your consumers. Your consumers aren’t in an institution, so your furniture shouldn’t mimic something from a prison. Furniture that looks like it belongs in an institution will do nothing to help adults with developmental disabilities feel at ease. Instead, furniture that looks like it would belong in a home setting can make facilities safe and secure. Comfortable seating, bedroom sets, and group area furniture makes your facility look inviting and can create the healing environment for your consumers and their families.

Furniture with Substance:

Attractive furniture for disabled is great, but it’s not a viable option for your facility if it isn’t built to last or serves the specific needs of your consumers. What you need depends on who your consumers are.

Consumers with limited mobility require furniture that will improve their mobility and help promote independence. Adjustable table heights will accommodate people who use wheelchairs or motorized chairs. Chairs and couches with shorter seat depths and elevated arm rests make it easier for patients with limited mobility to get up on their own.
Other adults with developmental disabilities or limited mobility have different requirements. Some special needs patients might require durable furniture designed for heavy use and behavioral issues. Others may have issues going to the bathroom, so furniture made with fluid-proof fabrics or removable seats or seat decks can help with cleanup after accidents or spills. These are essential capabilities that contract furniture can provide to go along with style.

Finding the Right Furniture

Consumers Little details can make a big difference for your consumers. The average retail store won’t be able to provide the standards that your patients need. Contract furniture distributors like Furniture Concepts can help you buy attractive specialty furnishings designed for special needs adults.
Outfit your facility with the right furniture and create a custom Wish List today. One of our furniture experts will get you a no-obligation price quote for the furniture your facility needs. If you have any questions, make sure to give us a call at 800-969-4100 today.


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