Why Contract Furniture?

Planning your furniture buying

Maybe you’re new in this field or maybe you’ve been working in it for years but this is the first time you’ve been tasked with ordering new furniture for your facility. No big deal, everyone has bought furniture before—you go online or you go to the store, you pick out what you want, maybe from a show floor or maybe from a catalog, and within a matter of days, a week or two at most, bam, you’ve got a new room. Hold up there! What works for the average buyer of residential furniture won’t work for a facility with special needs.

Contract Furniture is furniture built to your exact specifications—taking into account aesthetic considerations, legal requirements, and the reality of your budget. The furniture is built to your needs and construction doesn’t begin until you tell us just what you want. You know your facility better than anyone else, so you know what is best for your residents.

A mattress store might claim that their beds last a decade, but that’s based on usage eight hours each night and light soiling. Contrast that with a medical facility where the residents spend most of their day in bed and have severe continence issues or a bariatric facility with residents upwards of 500lb. That furniture store mattress won’t last three months in your facility!

Residential facilities want to create an inviting space for residents to visit with each other, friends, and family. However risks of continence issues and spills often mean that standard furniture upholstery is put through the ringer day after day with harsh scrubbing and strong solvents. Contract furniture upholstery has a baked-on finish that allows for liquids to bead up completely and the optional removable decking both prevents liquids from seeping into the wood frames and allows for easy mopping without having to move the furniture completely.

You want to provide your residents with a dignified, welcoming space. We want to help you do so while ensuring that the furniture you buy meets the safety considerations most important for your facility while minimizing your replacement cycle. There’s an old saying, “A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.” Going to your local furniture store might get the job done, but working with us does the job well.

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