Why Facilities Choose Wood Crate Furniture


Wood crate furniture is more than just a DIY furniture option made by handy homeowners. This style of furniture has gone from old shipping containers to professionally-made bedroom dining, and common area furnishings designed for health care facilities, student housing, and summer camps.

What makes wood crate furniture such a great option for organizations? Here are three reasons why furniture has made the leap from craft project to quality contract furniture.

The Durability of Solid Wood:
One of the great parts of wood crate furniture is that you’re getting good, strong wood that’ll last for years. Solid wood construction makes furniture great for heavy use environments that demand a lot of their furnishings.

Even solid wood can use a boost to add extra protection. Adding a special lacquer will also make the wood frame smooth and water-resistant, fending off messy spills and preventing bugs from nesting in the grains of the wood.

A Classic, Customizable Look:

Solid wood offers a strong, clean look to just about any room. Crate furniture features clean lines for a classic look that has been popular for decades. Crate furniture can also feature different wood finishes so that organizations can pick the right shade for their facilities.
The responsibly-harvested wood is just one part of your crate furniture. Cushions and other pieces can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics. Organizations get to choose from a range of solid colors to complicated patterns, letting them customize the look of their furniture to match what they want.

The Affordability of Replaceable Pieces:

One of the biggest perks of crate-style furniture is affordability. Cushions come and cushions go, but furniture will stick around for years. When it’s time to phase out old cushions, organizations can affordably swap them out for a new look without having to buy brand new furniture sets.

Wood Crate Furniture for Your Facility: Buying furniture for a whole facility can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. A contract furniture supplier allows you to buy customized furniture in the volume you need to outfit entire spaces. Create your own Furniture Concepts wish list today to get a no-responsibility quote on furniture for your organization.

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