Wood versus Metal Furniture: Which is better for Bedbug Prevention?

Attractive Tough Metal Bedroom Furniture

As bed bug infestations have become more typical in the U.S., a debate has sprung forth over whether wood or metal furniture is a better deterrent to bedbugs.

On the one hand,metal advocates argue that the natural graining of wood creates more spaces for bed bugs to nest.
On the other hand, believers of wood furniture point out that bed bugs can and will live anywhere, including metal furniture.
All metal furniture has joints that are cozy nesting spots. In addition hollow-tube metal furniture can be relentlessly hard to treat if bugs have nested inside the tubing.

The truth of the matter is that bed bugs can and will breed anywhere tight, dark and cozy. There is NO SUCH THING as BED BUG FREE FURNITURE!


Their ultimate quest is for human blood so they will most frequently nest in or near a bed to prey on sleeping humans. Unfortunately, they will also nest behind wall-art, switch plates, base boards, mouldings, etc. So while the metal v. wood debate carries on the fact is that bed bugs are simply not that selective. What is important is to have a plan to deal with bed bugs. It is critical for the staff of any facility to be prepared with a plan before the first bite appears.

Although it is tempting to believe that destroying existing furnishings will eliminate the problem, the fact that bed bugs have likely nested in other permanent places in your facility like the base boards and cracks in flooring makes disposing of furnishings a poor strategy. 

As part of a proactive plan, educate yourself and your staff on the realities of bed bug management. 

Fighting an infestation can be emotionally and financially stressful.

  • Prevention methods like thermal luggage treatment can eliminate some of the risk. Monitoring methods like bed bug interceptors and mattress encasements can inexpensively reassure staff and clients that no bed bugs have been sited.
  • If preventative and proactive measures are taken and bed bugs are found in your facility, consult with a pest-control expert. Second opinions are valuable since not all pest controllers are equally versed on the most effective ways to treat bed bugs.

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