Working Together to Help You Meet Compliance Standards


Identifying the best design choices for your facility will help you meet the multiple demands placed on today’s care providers. Purchasers need to know how their decisions will affect compliance with government requirements as well as standards for accreditation. We at Furniture Concepts are poised to help our customers meet the diversity of requirements they face, while enhancing the patient experience at the same time. The simplicity of our space-saving solutions can fulfill many goals. Our low-profile beds, equipped with an underbed storage chest, have proven a highly popular option because of their convenience and ease of use. For some facilities, these beds will reduce the need for additional storage units. Making sound decisions about the right products for your facility will require an understanding of all applicable federal, state and local standards, and then matching those requirements to your patients’ needs. When you present that full picture to us, we can help you decide which design features will best meet the diverse standards that govern how your programs should operate. Our experts remain ready to help you at each stage of the process, from securing the initial certificate of occupancy to growing your full array of services. We stay with you as your business adjusts to changing regulatory requirements or market conditions. We do all of this while remaining mindful of your budget needs. We can present you with “good, better, best” options that will meet your goals. Being an informed customer will ease our mutual efforts to identify the solutions that facilitate compliance, while also improving the quality of the patient experience. We stand prepared to provide the building blocks for environments of care that serve both of these essential aims.

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