Our Redesigned Bunk Bed Sets the Bar on Safety


In all service organizations, both within and outside of health care, safety remains the foundation of all efforts to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Without a safe environment, no other improvements will matter. And without reliable data to drive the improvement, you’re leaving your best quality-control efforts to chance.
We at Furniture Concepts set out to use the best data available to guide our work in making our Tough Stuff! bunk bed even safer. We pored over thousands of data points from consumer safety information and federal reports to inform a product redesign. Our result is a newly designed bunk bed that we can confidently say sets a new standard for safety in the industry.
The Tough Stuff! Bunk, made in the USA, features solid hardwood construction and a finished solid foundation, combining safety with an attractive, natural look. We back the workmanship with a lifetime warranty. The redesigned bunk is ideal for healthcare environments, camping uses and other applications.
We know client safety remains your organization’s top priority. Even if that wasn’t the case, the pandemic has intensified your customers’ demand to be served in the safest environment possible. We understood that need, took to heart what the data told us, and set out to find an even better way.
According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of the adverse events that patients experience in even the most advanced countries are completely preventable. When leaders in organizations use clear decision-making standards based on analyzing the best data available, they maximize patient safety. At the same time, these organizations see reduced costs from patient harm. And this in turn leads to better patient outcomes. Let us partner with you to create the safest spaces possible for your clients.

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