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Every product buyer wants to be able to choose from many options. But facing numerous choices without the proper guidance to navigate them can prove as frustrating as having no alternatives at all. So as we at Furniture Concepts continue to diversify our product lines to meet our clients’ varying needs, we pledge to remain focused on helping to make the selection process less daunting. Our 25 years of experience has helped us to understand how to match our recommendations to the most important challenges your residents face. Whether your most pressing concern involves minimizing self-harm, addressing residents’ limited mobility, or mitigating a different potential crisis, our team can identify the most suitable solution. The product fabrics and finishes that we offer give our clients hundreds of options. But we will partner with you to make your analysis more manageable, from the start of the purchasing cycle and throughout the process. We also will never lose sight of the cost pressures that complicate your decision-making. Provider organizations in all sectors of health care are encountering challenging economics. A recent survey of long-term care facility administrators conducted by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) found 55% reporting that their facility is operating at a loss. This is happening at a time when their cost of goods and services has increased by an average of 8.5%. Also, federal and state funding boosts that were instituted at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic are sunsetting. Knowing these challenges, we stand committed to helping you devise product solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness without sacrificing functionality and durability. We at Furniture Concepts will help you identify the options that make the most sense for your environment of care. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with the choices, we will leave you energized by the possibilities for your program and your residents.

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